​Nisma Për Kosovën to establish its branch in Vitia as well

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The political party Nisma Për Kosovën is due to make official its branch in Vitia town. In a press release of this party is said that Nisma is committed for ‘good governance with many job opportunities, welfare, social justice, law, democracy, understanding and solidarity’.

The disappointment of citizens with the governance and political parties in Vitia and Kosova is correct and deep. Bad governance, corruption, misuse of wealth and public money, injustice, poverty are unbearable for our citizen in Vitia and Kosova, it said.

It also said, the establishment rally will be held at house of culture “Gursel e Bajram Sylejmani”, on Friday at 17:00 local time. In the really will participate main leaders of Nisma, Fatmir Limaj and Jakup Krasniqi.